Players can expect to play on these fields

Kindergarten league

Wexford Park 1201 N. Westfield Road, open area closest to sand volleyball court

U7 (First Grade) & U8 (Second Grade) combined league

Raymond Ridge Park 2138 Muir Field Road

Wexford Park 1201 N. Westfield Road

U9&U10 (Third & Fourth Grades)

Junction Ridge Park Field 8502 Elderberry Road

Sauk Creek 402 N. High Point Road

U11&U12 (MAYSA League Fifth/Sixth Grades)

Walnut Grove Park 202 N. Westfield Road, goals farthest from road

U13+ (MAYSA Rec & Select teams)

High Point Park Field A 7501 Watts Road (parking and field located on Kottke Drive)

Country Grove Park Field A  7353 East Pass